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Successful implementation of the Wi-Fi SUN FAN, international radio standard, on Arm Pelion IoT Platform

The research group of Professor Hiroshi Harada of the Graduate School of Informatics, Kyoto University (hereinafter Kyoto University), Nissin Systems Co., Ltd (hereinafter Nissin Systems), and ROHM Co., Ltd. (hereinafter called ROHM) succeeded to make software stack that comply with the international wireless communication standard Wi-SUN FAN (Field Area Network), to be compatible with Arm Mbed OS. Mbed OS is an embedded operating system suitable for IoT devices, delivered by Arm which supported this project. In addition, we also successfully implemented Pelion Device Management Client, a middleware client that Arm provides as a component of its Device Management services onto the hardware of this project, enabling connection and data communication to the Arm Pelion IoT Platform via Wi-SUN FAN network.

This achievement

This time, Kyoto University and Nissin Systems and ROHM installed the Wi-SUN FAN software developed by Nisshin Systems and Kyoto University on the combined hardware of the ROHM Group's RF and the microcomputer equipped with the Arm Mbed OS. (Fig. 1).


In addition, the client function called Device Management Client of Arm’s Pelion Device Management was installed on the hardware, and the connection to the Pelion IoT Platform via Wi-SUN FAN network, the collection of various sensor data, and the display of the collected data in the cloud were successful (Fig. 2).


Connecting to the Pelion IoT Platform makes it easy to manage a large number of Wi-SUN FAN devices running on the Mbed OS in a secure manner. In addition, the Mbed OS provides a variety of libraries and sample codes that enable you to quickly develop a variety of Wi-SUN FAN applications.

Future development

In the future, Nisshin Systems and Kyoto University will pass Wi-SUN FAN Software on the Mbed OS for Wi-SUN FAN certification tests launched by Wi-SUN Alliances to ensure technical compatibility and interconnectivity. At the same time, they will study the system construction and operation services in this hardware/software configuration, and will encourage large-scale IoT/metering systems to adopt the software. In addition, ROHM will continue to develop for mass production of Wi-SUN FAN compatible wireless communication module on which microcomputer and RF are mounted.

The results will be demonstrated at the Nisshin Systems and Arm booths of Embedded Technology 2018, an integrated technical exhibition, which will be held on November 14-16, 2018. This results also will be presented at an Arm event, arm MBED CONNECT Tokyo on December 5, 2018 .

Term descriptions

» Wi-SUN FAN (Field Area Network)
Smart metering established by the Wi-SUN Alliance, smart grids and infrastructures for power distribution automation, Intelligent Transport Systems, smart cities such as smart lighting, sensors for realizing smart cities wirelessly, and IPv6 multi-hop communication specifications for meters. Version 1 was established by the Wi-SUN FAN Working Group on May 16, 2016. IEEE 802. 15.4g is adopted in the physical layer, IEEE 802. 15.4/4e is adopted in the data link layer, IETF 6LowPAN is adopted in the adaptation layer, IPv6 is adopted in the network layer, UDP is adopted in the ICMPv6, UDP is adopted in the transport layer, and IEEE 802. 1x is adopted as the authenticating method. Test specifications and the like for ensuring interconnection between manufacturing vendors are also provided.

» Wi-SUN Alliance
This is a voluntary organization that, based on the IEEE 802. 15.4g standard, is integrated with other open international standards in order to realize various applications such as energy management, disaster prevention, and factories, and establishes the international radio communication standard "Wi-SUN Profile" which can be interconnected between manufacturers. Currently, there are more than 100 member companies worldwide. Wi-SUN ECHONET, a communication standard between smart meters and in-house energy-management systems (HEMS), has been adopted by electric power companies nationwide. At present, more than 10 million smart meters equipped with the specifications are shipped. In the future, more than 20 million units will be shipped within the jurisdiction of TEPCO. See http://www.wi-sun.org for more information.

» Kyoto University
Kyoto University was founded in 1987 and is famed for producing world-class researchers. Regarding Wi-SUN technologies, Prof. Hiroshi Harada, digital communications laboratory, Department of Communications and Computer Engineering, Graduate School Informatics is leading research, development, standardization, and commercialization of digital communication systems. Prof. Harada is a founder member of Wi-SUN alliance and currently chair of the board and HAN (Home Area Network) Working Group.

» About Nisshin Systems
Nisshin Systems, a wholly owned subsidiary of Nisshin Electric Co., Ltd. (listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange), is a company that continues to create a new future together with everyone by realizing a valuable smart society in a variety of fields, including energy, based on equipment control and network technologies cultivated through the development of embedded systems. http://www.co-nss.co.jp/ of Nisshin Systems' website Wi-SUN FAN Solution Page https://www.co-nss.co.jp/media/press/wsf/

» About the ROHM
ROHM is a semiconductor and electronic component maker established in 1958 (1958). In addition to automotive and industrial equipment, we are supplying solutions that optimize the entire system while supplying LSI, discrete, and electronic parts with excellent quality and reliability to various markets such as consumer and communication. For Wi-SUN FAN, RF technology compatible with the IEEE802.15.4g standard indispensable for elemental technology, optimum MCU selection technology with Wi-SUN FAN stack, technology for commercializing those modules etc. , And we are developing it for mass production of wireless communication modules compatible with Wi-SUN FAN. We have developed a compact IoT gateway and a comprehensive information collection system after succeeding in the basic experiments of the world's first Wi-SUN FAN compatible radio in collaboration with Kyoto University and Nikkin Systems. ROHM will continue to promote the development of Wi-SUN FAN for wirelessization of rapidly expanding infrastructure and IoT equipment.

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