Kyoto University
Generative Wireless Initiative

Towards Intuitive, Interactive,
Intelligent, and Creative
6G wireless system design

Organized by Harada Lab. in Kyoto Univ.


Our Goals

Spurred by a tremendous advancement of the generative AI, wireless system design can also become more intuitive, interactive, intelligent, and creative (I3C) even if the system requirement will be more complicated in 6G.

Our goal is to develop such an I3C generative platform to serve for wireless system design driven by our radio big data based on strong research background of: 

  • Experimental wireless PHY/MAC/IP system designs.
  • Software defined radio,
  • Radio propagation measurements,
our goal

Part I: For Easy Channel Simulations & Link-Level Evaluation at mmW/sub-THz band

Kyoto University Channel Generator (KUCG) 

KUCG is an interactive MATLAB application for an easy link-level channel simulation.
KUCG is applicable up millimeter wave & sub-THz band.

Part II : Coming soon…


Prof. Hiroshi Harada:
hiroshi.harada [at]


Assistant Prof. Yusuke Koda:
koda [at]

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