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Kyoto University Develops New Highly Spectrum-Efficient Communication Scheme UTW-OFDM for 5G Mobile Communication System

The research group of Prof. Keiichi Mizutani and Prof. Hiroshi Harada at the Graduate School of Informatics, Kyoto University, Japan, has developed a new highly spectrum-efficient communication scheme and system, dubbed UTW-OFDM (Universal Time-domain Windowed OFDM), with low out-of-band emission in order to improve spectrum efficiency for the 5th-generation mobile communication system (5G) that will be introduced from 2020 or later. The developed system apply flexible parameterized time-domain windowing with low complexity and can reduce the out-of-band emission by more than 30 dB comparing with the conventional CP-OFDM that is applied to the 4G LTE system. The UTW-OFDM achieves more highly dense channel allocation and it is expected that the more highly communication quality can be provided to the large number of user terminals as the same time.



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